There is massive change occurring in the world and for ourselves. The old ways have to break down before we can rebuild a healthier place, both inside our selves and in the world. The answer to all of the problems in the world is self love. When we love our selves it is really impossible not to love all of life, that includes every living being and everything, even the planet, is alive.

When we love ourselves it is impossible to hurt another being. When we love ourselves we have worked our way through letting go of the old stuff that no longer serves us. We can only but live more consciously and we come to understand that everything is connected. If you want to help the world then start by helping yourself. We send energy out to all those places that need our love but the real power is sending that love to ourselves. Then from that place of self love it naturally does pour out into the world!

When we send loving compassion to ourselves the energy goes out in all directions but when we send it to a person or an object or a place etc it only goes to that person or place. That’s not to say that we should not send that person love of course that matters too. But we have displaced our power by only sending it in one direction and ignoring ourselves. This limits the energy. We have been taught to chase our tails to find love. We are told ‘its out there’, ‘its a big car’, ‘its a boob job’, ‘its a holiday’, ‘its in a relationship’ so we keep chasing our tails as we will never find love out there, it is impossible. We are being distracted by things that actually are really not important.

If you do not love yourself genuinely and compassionately then how can you really love anything else in life? However you treat yourself is how you treat the world. You are a direct expression of source and if you cant love what you are how can you love the life outside of you, as everything is totally interlinked and connected.

Where does the idea of separation come from? Where does any of your ideas of the world come from? other people? education? media? the doctor? the policeman? the government? your parents? And where did theirs come from? The only place we can find any answers to the puzzle of life is to LISTEN truly to yourself. Follow your own truths and if you need help to demist the foggy radar (as it will be a little rusty without much use) to hear yourself, just speak to those that have found their way there.

The governments would not be going to war if those individuals running it loved themselves. It is absolutely impossible to love yourself and then go to war. Those who have mastered self love are peace makers. Lets start a revolution of peacemakers.

Sending myself love..