Sound to sooth the soul


Sound to Aid Healing

In a sound healing treatment the practitioner will mostly be using their voice. They may also use an instrument, such as, a singing bowl, drum or tuning forks.

Sound healing dates back thousands of years and many ancient cultures still use music as a form of healing. People are familiar of the use of chanting to enhance meditative states. To understand the deeper power of sound then you could refer to the patterns that frequencies make in sand when placed directly on a speaker whilst sound is being played.
They create wonderful patterns that get more intricate the more the pitch gets higher.

Sciences are now understanding that we are more than just matter and that matter carries its own frequency. So sounds can effect us not just through hearing it but on a much deeper cellular level. Just think about how you feel when you hear a sound that you do not like or a sound that you really enjoy. and the effects these have on your emotions.

Studies have shown that by listening to music that is in harmony, such as classical music, can have greater impacted on the rate a patient heals. Where as music that is not in harmony can have the opposite effect.


£28 for the first session

£35 for following sessions

I can offer concessions