For thousands of years meditation have been said to have many benefits and it seems that science are now proving such claims. Studies have showed that is actually helps with the aging process as well as having many benefits on your physical health such as improving your immune system and lowering blood pressure . Meditation is also an effective treatment for stress, anxiety, worry and a lack of focus. More and more therapies are using mindfulness to help people with all sorts of issues. Other studies show that it also aids creativity and can have beneficial effect on your relationships.

Studies have shown, by using scans on people who are mediating, that brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress are effected whilst meditating.

I have found meditation to be very beneficial. It has helped me to observe my mind and in any one moment I can now meditate in most circumstance. It creates a moment of rest in my busy day or brings gratitude as being empty really throws you into the hear and now.

It is surprising to observe so many thoughts that I was actually unaware of in my day to day life. I started meditating at 16 years of age and would attend a buddist class in this little room. There were about 10 of us. We would listen to the fairly young man with a large smile talking about Buddhist Scriptures and then he would guide us into a meditation. The man next to me wore a hearing aid and it would always start to buzz after he fell asleep.

It took me some time to start to slow those thoughts down and not to get “stuck” to one of them and follow its trail, without even knowing I am following it. The mind seems to enjoy thinking, well it would do as this is apart of its job is it not? But have you actually noticed what it is thinking about? man oh man if you heard that on a radio station all day long you would have to change the channel, or better still switch it off!

Mediation helps you to start to sift out what is actually not beneficial and therefore leaving space for the thoughts that have a greater benefit to your life. Our thoughts are like little seeds, and if we water them enough they will grow. So we should be careful what we are planting and nurturing. Thoughts really can become things. What kind of things do you really want in your life. Meditation is a great place to start.