Are you stressed?

Stress can be one of the first signs to inform you that there is an imbalance in your thinking. Unhealthy stress can show itself in many ways some of which are higher levels of anxiety, irritability, unable to sleep, unable to switch your mind off, worrying a lot, feelings of tiredness and a lack of energy.

Always listen to your body.

How to help yourself
Use meditation and hypnosis CD’s to help you relax daily even if it is just for 10 minutes a day. You can listen to them at night time as the subconscious mind can take it all in whilst you rest.
Do something kind for yourself like go walking in nature, be creative or relax in a bubble bath with some soothing music. All of these activities are proven to reduce blood pressure and benefit your health and well being.
If you are wanting to look a bit deeper into why stress has been accumulating in your life I can offer you a safe place to explore your concerns, get down to the bottom of why it is occurring and offer techniques for deep relaxation.